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    I find it fascinating that CBD is taking the whole world by storm! The news articles shown below are updated every morning around 3 AM! I hope you find them as interesting as I do and please check back often.

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  • Get Motivated

    These are some of the things I have learned about getting myself motivated.

    Get To Work!

    You have to work for basically everything in life. Sometimes, if you’re in a slump, it even takes work to get motivated. Luckily there are ways to help us along and here is where I share some changes I’ve made in my life that are working for me.

    7 Ways to Boost Motivation – My well received Toastmaster Speech.

    Subliminal Self-Improvement – A relaxing way to change your mind.

    Mental Fitness During COVID-19 Shutdown – Stuck at home? Stay sharp with these tips and activities.

    Music Soothes

    Listening to music can be soothing and comforting. Here are my go to songs and videos.

    Virtual Hallelujah Choir – Not J.S. Bach!

    Enjoy this video of the late Randy Chisholm, the first Ontario District champion ever to go on to win an International Quartet Champion title, with Marquis quartet performing “I Will Never Pass This Way Again”

  • Well Being

    Mental Fitness

    It’s important to stay motivated to keep your mind and body happy. Luckily, there are strategies that can help with the stress, grief, and anxiety that many people are feeling today. This section is list of my articles to help stay on the path of well being.

    There are many reasons why we may feel stress. For me they include family issues, work related problems and depression, not to mention the COVID-19 pandemic which has taken an emotional as well as a physical toll on many of us.

    Motivated Well Being

    The title of this website, Motivated Well Being, infers we have to be motivated to keep ourselves in a healthy state of mind.

    Mental Fitness During COVID-19 Lockdown

    Relaxing Bath Bombs Relieve Stress

    Bonsai Gardening


    Get motivated to bake and feel good with these delicious comfort food recipes.

    Organic Full Spectrum Fresh Lime CBD Oil Tincture – New & On Sale Now!

    Guacamole Dip – It’s Game Time!

    Sleep Aid `w/CBD & Melatonin– For a good night’s sleep.

    Best Energy Drink – Replace coffee with this sugar-free pick-me-up.

    Using CBD for Calm


    Soothing Body Lotion

    Soothing CBD Cream

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