Natural Pet Care


Ever wonder if it’s worth it to provide all natural pet care to your cat or dog? I have, especially after hearing some horror stories about big name brand products.

People who switch to all natural, or organic care products report their complexions improve, they catch fewer colds, suffer fewer allergies, and recover quicker from illnesses Why wouldn’t the same be true for your pet?

Benefits of All Natural Pet Care

Your furry friend deserves the best care.

There are many benefits for caring for your pets with natural, organic means. Here is a list I made of the top reasons my dog gets needed care with all natural products.

Quality of Life and Longevity

What you feed your dog will have a direct impact on how he or she looks, feels, and acts. By feeding organic food you can help ensure your dog lives a long, happy and healthy life. It is one ingredient in an overall healthy lifestyle providing a luxurious, shiny coat, energy to run and play, a healthy weight and a strong immune system.

Better Health Stronger Immunity

Even if you dog doesn’t suffer from skin ailments, obesity or digestive problems, an organic diet can still be of benefit. Although nearly every brand of dog food claims to be “nutritionally complete,” most veterinarians still recommend “premium” brands of dog food over “grocery store” varieties. Organic dog food provides better quality sources of nutritional substances than even the non-organic, premium brands and it is more digestible, so dogs are likely to absorb more of the nutrients they require to maintain a healthy immune system.

Fewer digestive disorders 

Superior sources of grains and proteins and a lack of chemicals and artificial substances makes organic dog food more digestible. Once again, it is the superior nutritional value of organic dog food that can make a difference. Since it is naturally more nutritious, many owners report their dogs eat less organic dog food than other commercial varieties. It probably tastes better to your dog, too!
Note: If your dog vomits occasionally after meals, experiences gas, bloating or diarrhea, check with your veterinarian for an underlying illness.


Skin Ailments and Allergies

There are many organic products to provide your pet the best chance combating skin infections and allergies. It is free of artificial colors and flavor enhancers, chemical additives and toxic pesticides that could be the source of your dog’s allergies.

All Natural vs. Organic

Note that all natural foods are not organic. While organic and all natural foods are chemical free foods, one of the main differences is in the labelling by the government. Organic is a label that the government gives for foods that meets certain standards. The label is given to foods that are free from hormones and which are treated only with organic pesticides.

I use and recommend some great organic therapeutics for common dog and cat issues such as Dental Care and Skin Care. Check out Natural Wonder for pets for many different all natural organic remedies!

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