Best Stimulating Drink for Stamina & Increased Focus

Energdy Drink

There is only one Best Energy Drink to Buy in 2021. This is my opinion, of course, but as someone who’s indulged or a long time, I am somewhat of an expert. I’ve tried Red Bull (best for Yeager-bombs), Monster Energy Drinks and Lotus Energy, to name a few. However, with 15mg of caffeine and 12mg CBD per serving, with no added sugars, I consider Joy the perfect drink anytime.

Increased Focus

Did you party last night? Do you feel like a quick pick me up is needed to get your go on? Hopefully you heeded my warning last month about the rush on CBD energy drinks and stocked up before they ran out! However I am happy to report Joy’s Premium CBD Energy is back in stock.

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No Added Sugars

I used to drink Monster energy drinks a lot but the highly caffeinated energy drinks and sodas, that teens and children also love, are loaded with refined sugars. Obesity levels among adults 20 years old and over have risen approximately 2% per year during the past two decades. This alarming statistic coincides with the fact that one in four deaths is from cardiovascular disease.

Joy Happy Berry Energy Drinks
My little stash of Happy Berry CBD Energy!

A Sugar & Coffee Alternative

Even though I still enjoy an occasional cup of joe (about 95mg of caffeine), coffee is hard on my stomach and often gives me problems (like the need to run to the bathroom, or a stomachache if I don’t eat something along with it). Also, people who drink too much coffee during the workday, especially after lunch, can experience anxiety, jitters and mood swings.

To combat the issues of coffee and common, sugar laden drinks, Joy formulated an energy drink that everyone can enjoy. Joy Organics’ CBD Energy Mix (AD) is crafted with all-natural ingredients to create a delicious Happy Berry flavor. This mix is sweet tasting and has zero-calorie sweeteners sucralose and stevia.

Now In Stock

Joy Organics’ CBD Energy + Focus energy drink packs are back in stock and shipping. These are very popular so ORDER YOURS NOW (AD) before they are gone again!

CBD Energy and Focus with Joy Organics' Energy Drinks

Get the boost you want to start your day or your next workout! This is easily the best energy drink I have ever tried (and continue to use)! It is fast-acting, safe, and natural. In addition, uncommon with coffee or soda, I get a nice feeling of being clear headed within minutes of drinking a glass.

A New Kind of Boost

To counter the issues of coffee and standard energy drinks, Joy’s CBD formulated energy is a drink everyone can enjoy. Joy Organics’ CBD Energy Mix (AD) is crafted with all-natural ingredients that create a delicious Happy Berry flavor with a sweet taste and zero-calorie sweeteners.

CBD Energy Drinks for Concentration

Many of us use energy drinks before a workout, but a lot of us also use energy drinks for a concentration boost while studying. When we are sitting down to study for a test, work on a project or even read a good book, we can become easily distracted. Support your concentration by sipping on a delicious Happy Berry spritzer courtesy of Joy Organics.

Man focusing on work
Boost your concentration with Joy’s Premium Energy + Focus drink mix.

Why Joy Organics CBD Energy Drinks?

In the fast growing CBD market, CBD energy drinks are popping up all over the place. It stands to reason that a number of mixes are going to be watered down before you even open the package! That’s why you need to stick with a reputable company like Joy Organics.

Joy’s energy mix contains a water soluble hemp extract. The water-soluble formula makes it easy to blend into a delicious beverage.

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