Bonsai Gardening

Bonsai Tree

A Japanese Artform

Bonsai gardening is a Japanese art form which utilizes cultivation techniques to produce mini trees. This Japanese tradition dates back to over a thousand years ago.

Forms of Relaxation

Many of us look for hobbies as something to do to fill our time, relax and make us happy. Bonsai gardening can provide enjoyment and relaxation as it teaches us patience and provides a sense of calm.

In feng-shui, bonsai holds a respectable position for bringing energy in your room.

6 Reasons to Raise a Bonsai Tree

Learning to relax can be difficult but I have found developing by gardening skills in this focused manner is rewarding. Here are some reasons to help you decide if being a bonsai gardener is a good idea.

Lifelong Inspiration

Flowering Bonsai Tree

With proper care a bonsai plant of can live for many years. Some of the oldest bonsai trees are over 100 years old. The bonsai you start growing today can be your source of inspiration for your entire life!

Stress Relief

As stated earlier, Bonsai helps you relax. So much so in fact, many office cultures allow bonsai trees on employees desks.

Bonsai Trees Are Small

You can raise a bonsai in a small places such as a corner table or your bedroom dresser.

Your Own Artistic Statement

Each bonsai is unique and represents the amount of care and attention you give it. You can make your bonsai look like its full size counterpart or use your imagination to develop a unique look. Either way your bonsai can be beautiful addition to your home.

Energize Your Home

Bonsai tree with pink flowers

In feng-shui, bonsai holds a respectable place for bringing positive energy into your room. A bonsai will grab the attention the guests and will quickly spread joy and excitement.

It’s not that hard to take care of your Bonsai

A bonsai needs a lot of attention and careful observation to grow into such a delightful centerpiece but there are many easy to grow varieties to you get started. “Beginner” plants can save you time and still allow you to enjoy this beautiful miniature form of nature.

Limited on Time?

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