Subliminal Self-Improvement


Much can be said about subliminal learning or using subliminal messaging for self improvement. Some believe it works and some don’t. In my experience, like hypnosis, it seems if you really desire to make the intended change there is a good chance it will work.

Other methods of creating change is using positive affirmations, developing a more optimistic attitude, or practicing visualization techniques. These are great tools but require work. With subliminal messaging, you sit back, relax and listen to music.

Are you using subliminal messages? If not, you are probably going to want to once you realize how powerful they are for affecting your life in a positive way.

Why Subliminal Self-Improvement?

  • Positive affirmations help you change the messages stored in your subconscious
  • Subliminal Messages Help Sway You Towards What You Want
  • You Can Take Them Anywhere -CD & MP3 format

Let’s Decide for Our Self if Subliminal Messaging Works

Maybe you may are shy, or a procrastinator, need more self esteem or want to find your soul mate.

Here is my top 10 list of audio programs using subliminal messaging for self-improvement from Real Subliminal, a company specializing in helping us improve certain areas of our life.

What is Subliminal Messaging?

A subliminal message also called a hidden message, is one that’s designed to pass below the normal limits of perception.

They’re inaudible to the conscious mind but audible to the unconscious, or deeper, mind.

Here is a tongue-in-cheek example, based in truth. Did you see the Friends episode where Chandler tries to stop smoking by listening to hypnosis tapes at night? He ends up thinking he’s a “strong, confident woman!” LOL

Subliminal messaging in action

Don't be turned off by that satire, this method of self-improvement can work.

Stop Procrastinating Subliminal MP3 - Subliminal CD

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